Often an ICT supplier acts more than disappointing in case of Outsourcing of ICT. Building Futures is therefore in favour to set down a significant number of factors quite clearly. Of course and especially in outsourcing the control function is at issue. Regie wordt vaak gezien als een van de uitkomsten bij uitbesteding. Becoming a director is often seen as one of the outcomes of outsourcing. That is for Building Futures consultants not entirely correct, since the control function should be seen as a pre-set condition. To Building Futures it is important to lay down a clear profile of its qualities in outsourcing, and provides a smooth transition between account & delivery and the various outsoursing departments. In addition, it uses simple definitions for end to end management, process and culture.
Building Futures ensures that she speaks about the same subjects as her clients, paying due attention and attention is given to the operational level, to strategic level, key performance indicators, and how information is gathered and shared with the client. And of course we expect something of our clients.

Software Development

Do not just look only at beautiful code compatibility and rapid development methods, but also look at the usability of your product.
Engage with your potential users. Usability and interface design create satisfied customers. And they are a necessary investment for your program really make sense. And besides, it is obviously important to ensure brains on board '. Programming tools make life easier for a designer, but also require a proper way of working. Experience with the appropriate tooling is obviously a plus, but not essential. What is important is that there are clear agreements about the "way of working with the tools within the company
Just some statements from the media for the last three years. Most entrepreneurs who had built software are more than dissatisfied. In order to keep control over the software development process Building Futures has specialists who are in control over the entire workflow from identifying the business requirements of the software and bringing it to implementation and production. As a client You do not want to be nominated as "Best failed project of the 21st century?" Do You?

Infrastructure & Technology

A good infrastructure is vital for all enterprises and organizations, regardless of the size or complexity.
The larger or more complex the organization or company, the more important the infrastructure. The lack of a proper infrastructure in less complex organizations and businesses will lead to infrastructure problems in growth or even slow down the growth. For companies where ICT forms a link into the primary business process, it is important to formulate a strategy in the field of infrastructure. An infrastructure is essential. When we talk about infrastructure normally it goes then quickly on technical choices that make these goals. The first choice is whether the organization wants to build the infrastructure themselves or chooses for buying infrastructure as a managed service. Building Futures consultants know the market trends, solutions for several companies and the pitfalls and concerns. A Building Futures consultant points that the infrastructure is not based on available technical components but based on functionality and quality through identifying good wishes and requirements and translate them into solutions. And, in language understandable to decision makers.