Sustainable Business & Innovation
Sustainable business

"Practice what you preach ', Building Futures has a number of projects internally realized from which our green vision is based. In our offices we make maximum use of LED technology for lighting and our server cluster consists of energy-efficient hardware, by the use of portals. We aim also to a paperless office by deploying virtualization, we contribute to a reduced energy consumption We advise on energy saving and environmentally friendly measures included in your IT environment. For example, by buying energy-efficient hardware, using power management on existing hardware, reducing toner use, or more working from home you directly contribute to a cleaner environment. As well as we advice, we are also able to implement the advice within your organization.


Innovation is more than just a technical improvement. Innovation is necessary for growth. Building Futures helps its clients to innovate constantly and thus competitive advantage. With our ​​business partners we continue to focus on new products and services with high applicability. Building Futures sees innovation as just the ability to ensure that customers, in cooperation with (networks) companies, are able to create more personal and a more unique experience. As a result: the visualization of innovation: the results are shown to the general public and is of course an incentive for further innovation.