Directive Organizations
Building Futures is a directive organization. The directive organization focusses on the management & enabling (sourcing) of the business processes and transitions that follows with concern for entrepreneurs and service providers in the result areas: Finance, HRM, ICT and Procurement with essential attention to the strategic framework  to the operator with clear (question) statements as: Sourcing or do it yourself? Contract management and control, Reporting and Evaluation. Building Futures identifies and implements the necessary organization, information systems, facilities and skills. Taking into account culture aspects and behavior within an organization and procedures established by service level agreements.

Directive Choices

Is a Directive choice Strategic, Tactical and operational?

Directive organizations generally do much more than expected which has as a result, commitments are not fulfilled, information only, and no concrete results are achieved. Forming in the first evaluation period often shows that only in the mutual disappointments progress has been made. This mostly has to deal with the fact that many companies focus only on an choice form of organisation. Suffering almost inevitably and fail in practice. Devise and control is just simply not without responsibility for facilitating several subjects. Roll up your sleeves and get to work at all levels. Building Futures therefore focuses on both strategic and tactical side of directing, but specifically also to the operational version. The practical help with the implementation of what is thought and created on upper levels. Alignment of the Business, ICT and information flows.